You can't manage what you can't measure.

Energy Metrics helps you have better insight into cost, risk and capacity - real cost savings and efficiencies with data you can trust across your entire portfolio of assets.

Our software solutions collects millions of real time data points allowing you to compare your portfolio with industry benchmarks, measure best practices, predict outcomes and make adjustments that generate optimal returns.

Better data means better decisions.

Energy Metrics gives you the visibility you need across your portfolio – for cooling, capacity, electrical infrastructure, space, people, and maintenance work orders. Organizing and understanding your assets streamlines procurement and operations decisions – increasing profits.

Do you really need more infrastructure for that new application?

Energy Metrics helps you maximize your existing infrastructure assets and gives insight into what to retire, what to grow and where to invest.

Energy Metrics helps you evaluate your energy needs and make the most of the resources you already have in place.

Better than being there.

Energy Metrics enables real-time connection to a building's infrastructure – electrical and mechanical systems and space – rolling it up into a central environment and platform providing you a holistic view.

You're more confident in your high level decision-making when it's built upon real-time data with a true 3D interface – helping to eliminate mistakes and providing spatial context and a learning curve for field staff.

Energy Metrics

The Assets and Data Center Scientists

Energy Metrics brings your assets into focus, facilitating a new approach to managing cost, schedule and risk. Our solutions integrate real-time streaming data with historical data points, providing multiple views of information to give you a complete picture.

With our tools, you can map your business objectives to asset allocation, utilization, depreciation, performance and risk management. This gives financial portfolio executives, facility managers and enterprise IT management teams the information they need to make informed decisions that have a positive impact on future business outcomes.

We utilize OSIsoft's leading, open protocol, vendor-neutral platform to collect real-time and historical data. Energy Metrics' 3D Building Virtualization Model, Asset Management, Commissioning Maintenance Management, Workflow engine and collaborative web portal software leverage this collected data; while our Business Intelligence module and Predictive Modeling tools illuminate and transform it into meaningful information to make better decisions.

What makes us unique?

Many toolsets have good graphics, but they're in search of data.

Energy Metrics has the most advanced tools for collecting data from the source.

With rich data, you need tools to help interpret information. Our software displays how one data point influences the behavior of others, and presents the possible impact on your financial portfolio.

The Energy Metrics team brings years of construction, finance, enterprise, risk management, regulation and data center management expertise to your project.