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Core team

30 years of experience in IT, Industrial Automation, Business Process Automation, IT Strategy, Business Intelligence and Software Product Development

Rajendran Avadaiappan

21 years of experience within the IT Industry in Enterprise Software applications, Systems Engineering Management and Integration, Product and Program Management, Facilities Communications and Network Design, and OSIsoft PI System.

Ken Morikawa
VP, Operations and Technology

13 years in Automation, Integrated Applications and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM). Master of Algorithm development, automation and solution design for end-to-end data center operational software solutions.

Gregor Vilkner
VP, Analytics and Automation

10 years of experience in Mechanical and Systems Engineering for large central plants and small packaged systems, energy-saving software applications and green MEP systems, and efficient real estate community management.

Chien Harriman
Director, Product Management

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